Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1,000 beautiful things...

...not all in this first post, but I've been collecting images for the past two years and have finally decided to do something with them.  I've carefully filed away these inspirations that I've found "along my way" and hope that they might inspire you too. 

To start out, a bit of backgroud.  I am getting married in October to a wonderful man and able-bodied partner in life's exploration.  Lots of big changes coming- the merging of two seperate lives into one family, the merging of two families into one, wedding planning, house decorating fantasies and everyday lustings.  On my mind now:  China Patterns.

I am not ready to give up on the tradition of fine china just yet.  I know many modern couples are eschewing it as a waste of money, but I do think it depends on your lifestyle.  I grew up in a family that had dinner together every night, and, with company and holidays, used the beautiful "special" dishes and silverware to make these events extra festive.  I love the change of pace, and can't wait until we have the space to have dinners on a real dinning room table with our own new "special" dishes. 

Here are some patterns I've been recently obsessed with:

Here is what the five peice placesetting looks like in white:

Anna Weatherly's handpainted china is like an original painting at every placesetting (I literally would sell my soul for these dishes):

Augarten Handpainted Porcelain from Austria:

I do realize that there is no real consistency between the more naturalistic botanical themes and the graphic of the Italian china, but recently I've been all over the place in terms of personal taste.  I am inspired by mixing and matching and eclectic juxtapositions.  In fact, the highlight of my last week was when I discovered the mix and match china pattern app on this website.  Get creative!  Most china patterns can be bought in open stock, which means you can buy a dinner plate from one designer, a salad from another, etc., etc.

Here are some mixed placesettings for inspiration:

Or these beauties from Martha Stewart:

Loving this refreshing take on formal china...loving even more that you can go with a basic rimmed pattern for the majority and throw in a more expensive salad or dessert plate!  Budget style with big impact.

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