Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

An issue that is close to my heart because of my upcoming wedding and religiously Jewish ceremony.  According to the Jewish tradition of modesty, brides wear modest dresses on their wedding day.  This was a concern, as the selection of wedding dresses with sleeves can be horrifying (talk about looking like a marshmallow/bringing back the 80's).  If you live in NY, I am told that there are specialty seamstresses that work with orthodox brides-to-be in crafting a build-up to a regular, off the rack dress, but I've also heard that this can be expensive and, depending on the material of the original dress, difficult.  I spent hours browsing the internet looking for dresses with sleeves, and, after visiting all the Mormon wedding dress websites (that are obviously based only in Utah and therefore totally unavailable for this bride to try on...), I purchased my dress in February.  I decided, like many of my friends, on a strapless dress with a jacket that will be worn for the ceremony and taken off for the reception and I LOVE my dress.

Even with my dress bought, I can't help but be a bit frustrated at the plethora of dresses just available in the last week with sleeves modeled after the royal wedding dress.  I loved Kate's dress and immediately pegged the similarity between her's and Grace Kelly's, if only because I've spent so much time staring at wedding dresses online.  For those of you who are in need of a sleeved dress and are just now beginning to look, you are lucky ducks.

This one is my absolute favorite:

By Ramona Keveza

Check out more in the "Get the Look" slideshow on Martha Stewart here.

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