Friday, May 13, 2011

Client Ideas

A couple years back, I worked with a client to design the kitchens and bathrooms in the house they were building on the lake in Painsville.  The job was really rewarding, and I had so much fun working with them that I was sad when the project ended. 

Here are some views of their gorgeous upstairs kitchen:

Here is their view...(Jealous.):

This is their second, basement kitchen with access to the beach:

A couple weeks ago, I got a call from them saying that they had purchased a condemned Painsville landmark originally built in the 1860's that they were thinking about turning into a boutique hotel:

Steele Mansion

Note that there is no roof- It burned off in a fire a couple years back and has been sitting abandoned filling up with debris and snow ever since.  Here is a view of how it looked a couple months ago (there are also huge chunks of floors missing):

But this will all have a happy ending-  The 16 suite building will be rebuilt as either a boutique hotel or an upscale apartment building.  I am helping with the individual ensuite kitchens and baths.  The owners want to stick with the original French Second Empire style of the building with modern amenities, and the idea right now is for each suite to have a different personality.  Here were some preliminary inspiration boards I did for the bathrooms: 

Traditional Antique:
Antique bathroom look

Antique bathroom look by jenk968 on

Distressed French:

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