Friday, May 6, 2011

Design Friday: Library Ladder Inspiration

I love the way library ladders look in the home.  It makes everything feel grand and like there are endless hidden secrets tucked away out of reach.  I especially love this one in the kitchen, but do you think it would get in the way?

There is something about the quality of light in the kitchen below that makes me imagine wondering into the kitchen after sleeping in late, sipping tea while wrapped in blankets.  It's so homey and lived in.  Even though it's small, this is one of my favorites because it oozes character.

This one is beautiful too, although definitely not with the same historical feel...

And here are some libraries/living rooms:

This one is a bit too cold for my taste, but it's still cool!

As I mentioned before, these pictures have been in a folder labeled "Inspiration" on my desktop for over two years.  I'm not sure where to give proper credit, so if you recognize a photo, please let me know.

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