Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Color Combos: Yellow and Green

One overarching theme I seem to have subconsciously incorporated in my inspiration folder is color.  On Mondays, I think I'll share these rooms with you by color combo to give you ideas.  Today's color combo is yellow and green and it's pretty perfect for spring. 

Here is a perfect yellow and green kitchen in a summer home:

And here it is mixed with orange drapes in a formal dining room:

I love the drama and formality in this one by Mary McDonald: 

And here it is with green accents in a more modern dining space:

I should be partial to this combo because I grew up in a room with grass green shag carpeting, and when I turned 12, I finally managed to get rid of the barnyard wallpaper and paint the walls a golden yellow.  I'll have to photograph my childhood room as an add-on.  Here is more modern example of green and yellow in the bedroom.  I love the trimming on that roman shade.

What do you think?  Would you use this springy combo in your home?

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