Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Sources for Inexpensive Artwork

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I came across another great decorating blog while skimming Domino Magazine's site for new decorating sources: On top of her having a great collection of sites for all your interior design cravings, she has a specific section just for budget art. Among the sites mentioned are a few for botanical and vintage prints, as well as , and which have contemporary prints for sale starting at $20 a piece.
This is an example of one of Matthew Smith's Tidal Pool prints for $110 (Quincy Pond).

Speaking of investing in inexpensive contemporary artists, I have fallen in love with the amazing porcelain ceramics of Heather Knight at Element Clay Studio ( Her wall tile collection makes me want to run my fingers over all of them! I think they would look great hung on the wall with a different frame around each. And, as an added bonus for those of us who have expensive taste, she makes them in two sizes so that you can splurge on the entire set of small tiles (4 for $275) as opposed to the larger set of 9, which go for $2100.

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