Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Love With...Dark Walls

Maybe it's the artist in me that loves the introspection and moodiness that dark paint gives to rooms.  I am dreaming of a dining rooms with big windows and super dark, super glossy walls, maybe with some ornamental moldings thrown in for architectural interest and good measure.

What is it about this teal blue that makes it appear at least once in 98% of my "inspiration" folder??  I think I have a problem.  Also, that lamp is amazing.

Here is that fabulous teal again, this time in fabric wallcovering form.

Not blue (OMG, I know...), but how do you feel about dark ceilings?  It should be a given that I think this would look much better in blue, with maybe some teal upholstery on the chairs and a gorgeous oversized painting between those sconces.

High gloss to the max.  Too much?  I love the pops of orange in there with the greens and blues.  It keeps things energized but still with that moody traditional feel.

This was from an office showcased in Atlantahomemags.com.  Ultra-glam.  I love that rug- it makes the whole room feel lived in and it gives it soul.

More navy walls...

 I love this purplish charcoal blue with those camel leather chairs.  Again, that orange and blue combo.  Love.

Could you live with dark walls or would you feel a little too "Miss Havisham", roaming the hallways out of touch with reality?  Actually, maybe that's only the second picture.  I could definitely live in that last room, in touch with reality or not.

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