Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Discount Fabric Source!

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I wanted to share a great find that I came across last week for upholstery fabrics: This North Carolina based business recycles remnants of designer fabrics from wholesale, to-the-trade-only, fabric suppliers and sells them to the general public at major discounts. Feast your eyes on a huge selection of Maharam prints along with Kravet, Designtex, Brentano, Luna and lots more. They have easy browsing tabs organized by yardage and they even have an eco-conscious browsing option! My favorites are Brentano's Kiko,
Calvin Fabrics' Star Thistle
and Knoll Regard's Dahlia.

I am by no means an upholstery guru since as of now I have just been collecting chairs in my garage while being overwhelmed by the bevy of fabric choices out there, but I have found some great sites with info on how to reupholster furniture.
Here is a list of sites that I found particularly intriguing:
These are what I am starting with. I like to read anything I can get my hands on (and the web is such an outstanding resource) because it helps me to understand multiple different ways of tackling a project. I figure at least one of these should make sense, and the others are available for troubleshooting and filling in the blanks.
This month money is tight, but as soon as I can spare $50 I will take the plunge and buy my fabric. I am sure that I'll have much to learn where only hands-on experience can truly teach.
Until then, more decorating tips on the way!

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